We can create US jobs right now.

There is no better country to start, manage, maintain and expand your business than the United States of America – as long as we focus on we-the-people and what is best for all of us. Success has many mothers and fathers. We succeed together because “none of us is as good as all of us”. This is not a socialist anthem, it has always been true of America – we-the-people. I will gladly give a tax cut to anyone that shares this philosophy and creates the jobs first.

Any takers? Well as an employer, I will accept that challenge. Net new job creation first, tax cuts as the reward second.

If I did not know better, I would take the bait and believe large net job creation in the US is dead, stunted, and no longer a viable reality for our country because of uncertainty, regulation and Europe/China or any number of geographic location on the globe. I say, Poppycock! Bullsh%#! Ormaglent! (I just made that one up). The truth is job creation is happening and can and will be robust again if we just stop pretending the problem is something outside of our direct control. Look in the mirror. The person looking back at you IS the solution.

I will detail below how our current situation is perfect for job creation and economic opportunity. We have everything we need to thrive right now. Some say we are losing jobs because robots and automation can replace the old worker of the past. We then, let’s design and build the robots that are replacing the people and stop pretending we are impotent. We can design the robots that design the robots that design the software that creates the robots. I assure you, the company that does those things will still need employees of all skill levels. Please remember, there was no such thing as a job titles APP Developer 6 years ago. 10 years ago, there was no such thing as “Sustainability Officer” in corporate America. Accounting is now the most important job in energy management because everyone want to measure the old results against the new results. There are more plumbers and machinists working in the alternative energy industry than ever before. Fracking for natural gas is a process that is getting safer and safer all the time producing thousands of new jobs in the energy industry. Yes, products can be purchased internationally at lower cost and yes we can get workers from other countries to perform all of the tasks needed by companies but guess what, that will never represent 100% of what we do. As long as we are innovating, those jobs stay here. As long as the touch and feel of a human is required, those are US jobs as well.

Let me list just a few job creation opportunities that we can all concentrate on pursuing in 2012 for US job creation in the short-term:

A. Expediting Patent Approvals; B. Infrastructure Marshall Plan; C. Affordable Care Act. D. Education

A. Expediting Patent Approvals: Hire 1500 Patent Reviewers to reduce the backlog of un-reviewed patent applications from +400,000 to 50,000. These jobs were included in the Patent Act that was signed in December of 2011 but Congress (the House specifically since they are in charge of Appropriations) has not funded the 1500 jobs. We demand they be funded now because we are losing the opportunity to create jobs. Keep in mind, time-to-market is key when you have a potential game-changing patent opportunity so clearing the backlog quickly is key to job creation. This is an investment we need to make and the ACT funded these jobs through higher patent fees which the private sector happily approved in exchange for faster review. Congress is instead using the higher fees anyway to finance other parts of the budget. STOP!

Inside every great idea is the potential to change the entire world. In the world of chicken or the egg, Patents are both the chicken and the egg. The filing of patents have led to the most important discoveries in human history and for heavens sake, people have made a lot of dough as a result. Job creation can tie directly to the production of a patented product because in many cases, the product goes from 0 units to millions. It takes a lot of employees to create something from nothing and then sustain its product life-cycle. We see this is start-up drug companies – 10 people to 50 people -100 people and them boom! patent approval!! I assure you the last thing a person with a new product is thinking about is how to get rid of employees. You do not have to be a scientist to pursue a great idea however we do see a lot of very smart people driven to understand math and science in order to develop new product solutions. This is very good for our country because even though all jobs are necessary, jobs in the science , technology, engineering, math and music fields are very good for the long-term economic vitality of the country.

B. Infrastructure Marshall Plan: So, are there jobs we can invest in right now to boost our economy? Yes there are but require an investment.

We may seem broke as a nation but we are not. Debt sucks and I wish we had zero debt just like you do. I also am happy that I found a bank to allow me to go into debt so I could finance my home over a 30 year period. I do not feel like a failure … frankly I feel like I negotiated a good payment plan and I am committed to paying that sucker off in 15 years versus 30 to save on interest. But I needed a place to live and I am mot going to let it go to hell by not investing in maintenance. Our nation has infrastructure investments that we have been putting off because we think we are broke. So, broke or not, we need to fix our infrastructure – not just to get by – but to make our infrastructure the best it can be. These investments are not cheap but they do create millions of jobs.

Infrastructure jobs are American jobs. The large earth movers, the dudes with butt-cracks – all American solutions. Infrastructure spending, investment or debt is necessary because not only are jobs created, we can make the country much more productive. Our current energy grid loses much more power than it should because of the transmission line-loss. We have power lines in places where there is little distribution and demand and no lines in places where there is future distribution required and excessive demand. We have areas in the country that flood multiple times a year and shut down the entire productivity of cities , counties and sometimes states because it is easier to complain about mother nature than to proactively invest in an engineered solution to solve the problem. We have roads that require commuter to replace their tires, alignment and shocks more frequently because the roads are in perpetual disrepair. We have bridges that are inspected daily because we know they are going to fail, its just a matter of when. Our rail systems are operating on the same tracks from 150 years ago – a testament to American quality but seriously, these trains could be moving goods much faster around the country with newer tracks. Water and sewer systems fail every day, wasting water and polluting our country because the fix appears to be is too expensive for a nation that thinks it is broke. We have shipping channels and Ports that are not being expanded so they will be unable to take advantage of the new Panama Canal expansion and the larger ships that will be moving goods through it. This lack of Port investment is going to cost our country in jobs, economic activity and lost trade revenue. How many more hours do you have to spend at idle in your car before you realize we are not on a sustainable economic path and it is entirely self-inflicted. We can do better an in doing so, we will create millions of American jobs, improve industrial productivity, lower the unit cost of everything from electricity to transportation – not counting the savings on brakes, shocks , tires and gas for the everyday consumer.

We need a infrastructure Marshall Plan right now. We need our private sector accountants and economists to tabulate the total national and individual economic losses resulting from our current infrastructure deficit. We need our engineers and infrastructure specialists to create the ‘wish-list” with the all-in costs to dramatically reduce the losses uncovered by our accounting team. We then need to develop the financing plan, present it tot he country and see if we can get the majority of Amercians to say yes.

Here is the big take-away. Unlike spending on some items that taste great and are less filling but leave you only with an headache in the morning, the investment in the Infrastructure Marshall Plan will improve national productivity, reduce waste, improve the supply chain, and lastly, improve the health and safety of our citizens … forever. This is the solution that keep on giving and benefits future generations as well.

C. Affordable Care Act: There is much criticism of the Affordable Care Act and I will not challenge or support the Act for right now, however it can not be a job-killer because it is going to be a job creator. If I have a successful business, I will still have a successful business after the Act is fully implemented. My business will fail because of a number of reason but one will not because every competitor company of my size in America has to provide health insurance to its workers. Hell that means everyone gets hit with the exact same mandate. However, the Act will create new jobs.

What I will argue is the ACA is going to create jobs. We now need more doctors, more nurses, more LVN’s. Our clinincs are going to expand. Healthcare IT jobs will explode as we add “retrieval of data” to our list of healthcare priorities. The wireless industry is abuzz with new solutions to make healthcare access more interactive. A company in San Diego is developing an in-home DNA test. I have no idea who will use this or what it costs but this type of innovation is increasing in 2012. There will be new industries created because healthcare innovation will not stop. Why? Because driving down costs can not just come from paying doctors less or keeping patients away from the system, it has to come from an expanded system of HEALTHCARE. Whole patient care that keeps you out of the hospital by focusing on preventative care. It has worked marvels for prenatal care and it can do the same in the entire system. My point is that even this controversial new law is going to create demand which always creates JOBS.

Demand is the real secret weapon in our economy. As long as there is demand, there is commerce; commerce creates opportunity and opportunity creates jobs. For the past decade, we have seemed to focus our energies on finding ways to create wealth without creating jobs. I am not saying it has not worked. We created a lot of wealth over the past decade and no one is complaining – or at least none of the folks that participated and benefited from our purely Capital-centric policies that have promoted paper wealth creation over physical job creation.

Normally, when the country creates wealth, everyone benefits. You can see this from 1970-2000. Our significant wealth creation seemed to be coupled with job creation. While wages did not always rise significantly, a person with a job was still a net positive for their family and for the nation. However this last decade seemed to have missed the entire point of a national economic model that benefits everyone. Remember, we are not socialists, we’re capitalists so someone had to have noticed that there were a lot fewer customers able to purchase products and service because we stopped creating new jobs in this country. How can a good American Capitalist retailer or manufacturer achieve long-term returns if there are no new customers?

Well for a bit, we did have a system that allowed for that. I understand Warren Buffet’s company has fewer than 30direct full-time employees. I do not know if this is true but if it is, compare his wealth to Bill Gates and ask this question: How many direct full-time US jobs does Microsoft require? The difference is both of these two fine American’s have experienced incredible wealth creation over the past 12 years yet only one has directly benefited thousands of workers every day. Now before I get jumped on about the indirect job creation impacts of Berkshire Hathaway, I want to make it clear that I am comparing direct jobs. I’m sure Microsoft can argue very impressive indirect job figures as well. I am focused on the business model that creates wealth and creates lots of new direct jobs.

My point is wealth creation can occur without job creation and with less direct broadly shared economic vitality for the country, (wc+0jc=0ev99). Over the past decade we seem to be comfortable with this concept. I would argue that we need to focus on solutions that promote wealth creation in sync with broadly-focused direct job creation to create economic vitality for the 99% of Americans, (wc(jc)=ev99), if we are going to see our country experience the future it deserves.

D. Education: I assure you, we do not want to earn a D in education and I will only say this: I am sending my son to USC because i feel he can gain a strategic competitive advantage in the future job market as a result of the education, and networking opportunities USC affords him. I want the absolute best for my son because he is going to be a great contributor to our society. That’s the plan and I will invest $300,000 in tuition, housing and fees to make this plan become a reality. At my current tax rate, I need to earn gross income of close to $500,000 to have net taxable income of $300,000 to pay for college, (and I do not qualify for any subsidies because of my income). Of course my son will need to cooperate and do well, pay attention, graduate and apply himself but he is a great young man and I have every confidence in him. This is how people with means treat the investment in education. We want the best and we are wiling to pay for it.

Now, contrast my position to the positions taken by many that insist we are spending too much on educating our people. I am the first person to say let’s attack waste at every turn and spend not one-dime more than necessary on anything. Yet how can those of us at the top keep up this ruse that we are against significant education investments in order to create the highest performing students in the world that will become our future work-force, while at the same time investing hundreds of thousands to make sure OUR kids have every opportunity – regardless of the cost? It is hypocritical at best and selfish at the worst. Seperate but unequal comes to mind.

All i can say is this: We compete with nations around the world that see investment in education as their National Security priority. These countries saw how the Nited States invested in education in the 70’s and produced the highest-perfroming students the world had ever seen. They also see our defunding of education and our perfromance reductions as an opportunity for them to surpass our econimoic might. Spending money is stupid but investing is smart. If we seriously want to compete and dominate the furutre of economic prospoerity, we have to use my logic for my son as the foundation for how we treat every-single child in America.

Let me quote myself: And when asked about his willingness to invest in education, Mr. Mudd said: “Of course my son will need to cooperate and do well, pay attention, graduate and apply himself but he is a great young man and I have every confidence in him. This is how people with means treat their investment in education for their children. We want the best and we are wiling to pay what it takes.”. Nuff said. No more separate and unequal. Fix the stupid rules that currently strangle the education budget because they are not focused on the education of the child. Invest in education because it will provide the highest rate of return of any single investment an American can make in this country.

’nuff said.

OK, now I have a few things to say but it is going to take 4000 words so you may want to grab a beer and relax.

Do you remember the 80’s and 90’s when we were told Japan is buying up everything in the US and flooding our shores with cheap products? Go back further after the success of the Marshal Plan. Many thought our investing in the rebuilding of Germany would create a future economic competitor that would destroy our economy. We have heard how advances in technology and equipment will destroy jobs and doom a generation to social welfare. I promise you that every year, for the last 200 years, experts have written about the demise of Western Civilization and the evaporation of our economic vitality. What an easy assertion. It’s like saying at some point in the future there will be a huge earthquake that drops California into the ocean, (an event I am sure some of you are waiting to buy tickets for). Heck, we will not know if they are right until it actually happens. The same predictions about our demise have been levied with much fanfare. Bombastic predictions are lazy. Well, they have been wrong before and they are wrong again.

As a country , we love our acronyms. If I could create a simple acronym to describe our “strategic-competitive-advantage” I would but for now I will just list the components of our “secret-sauce” in full:

1.Constitutional Rights for US Citizens. 2. Democracy and Representative Governance. 3. Justice system with due process. 4. Free-Market Enterprise. 5. Access to skilled labor. Free Education for the masses. 6. Patent protection for Research, Development and Innovation. 7. Bankruptcy Protections. 8. Massive Demand. 9. A Flexible Tax Code. 10. Stable Currency. 11. National and Local Safety and Security. 12. World-Class Infrastructure.; these are the key ingredients to our economic vitality and is see nothing external that is stopping our country from taking full advantage of our strategic competitive advantage. Only we-the-people can stop ourselves by buying into the story-line that we are somehow broken. Anything that needs fixing, we can fix. Anything we are missing, we can create. This is what we can do and we do it better than every other nation.

If we are not satisfied with the workings of our system and 50.1% of us decide to change it, we can do that too but it works better if more than 25% of our citizens actually take the time to cast a vote of course. More on that in a later post.

Since I can’t come up with the correct acronym for our secret sauce, let me try to put it to music so you can remember our strategic elements. We can do this like the 12 days of Christmas so sing along. On the first day of Capitalism, my true love gave to me:

1.Constitutional Rights for US Citizens. 2. Democracy and Representative Governance. 3. Justice system with due process. 4. Free-Market Enterprise. 5. Access to skilled labor. Free Education for the masses. 6. Patent protection for Research, Development and Innovation. 7. Bankruptcy Protections. 8. Massive Demand. 9. A Flexible Tax Code. 10. Stable Currency. 11. National and Local Security Safety and Security. 12. World-Class Infrastructure.

Since I focus on the business perspective, let me give me my analysis of why I might decide to start and grow a business in the United States.

Free-Market Enterprise: I am a capitalist – an American Capitalist – and I love America because our country is the best country in the world to start, maintain and grow a business. I say American Capitalist because we have some reasonable limits to our form of capitalism. For example we do not allow slavery as a means to achieve the lowest production cost possible so we can generate the highest profits possible. We did at one point but we evolved and the country is better for it. We pay taxes as capitalists. Some countries have capitalists that do not pay taxes because they cut into profits. We do not have corporate armies nor do we start physical shooting wars with our competitors in order to achieve greater market share. Once again, some capitalists in other countries do – we do not. We American Capitalist’s advocate for the right regulations, (or at least what we think are the right regulations and rules), and then abide by said rules and regulations. We are then are more than happy to point out any of our competitors that do not follow the rules so the authorities can straighten those non-compliant businesses out. We want free and fair trade inside the country as well as outside the country. The entire US market is open to all of us and as long as we are ethical, committed, driven and have a useful product which can satisfy that market, all of us have a shot at the American dream. We are American Capitalist’s and we are very cool folks.

Democracy and Governance: Our system of government is free and representative. As good as China purports to be for business, you only succeed in China if their Central Committee decides to allow you to. There si no democracy in China and the citizens have no voice unless it is through a violent uprising. Since they (Central Committee) own ALL of the land, make ALL the rules and control EVERY economic opportunity, you are one decision away from being completely shut-down. There is no due-process. There is a market in China but it is not free … it is rented to you. Yes, you can find cheap products, labor and materials and yes the Chinese government will work with you to site your business there. However, nothing changes the level of risk your business takes on even with Chinese nationals as your business partners. The only insurance policy you can buy to protect your interests in a Communist, Socialist, Totalitarian regime is …. well there is nothing you can buy to guarantee your freedom of commerce but you can spend a lot of money trying. The United States is a superior model for business.

Patent protections: You come up with a great idea – say the pet rock or edible panties – and by following a repeatable process you can earn a patent. Now a patent does not guarantee you any success in the US because even stupid ideas have patents. What you are assured in the US is the full force of the United States Civil system to ensure any violation of your patent is met with strict consequences. Yes a patent can be changed or modified by another and resubmitted but your patent … your exact idea is protected. You are therefore free to take your idea and find a market for it with the knowledge that you have the protections of the entire nations as your insurance policy against theft. This concept alone drive a culture of innovation, research and development in our country. You do not have to be a scientist to file for a patent. You just need to be curious, exploratory, and have a desire to get off the couch and turn your idea into a new product or service. This creates a country of Innovation, Research, Development, Risk taking and the private and public sector implementation of simple to complicated solutions. Our system of patent awards and protections generate massive opportunity for commerce and consumer demand which equals profit for any business person willing to follow their dreams.

National and Local Safety and Security. In this country, roving gangs, drug cartels, or armed competitors are not freely roaming the streets taking what they want from businesses. We have public police forces paid by tax-payers dollars with the expressed mission to “protect and serve the people” – not the roving gangs, drug cartels, or armed competitors. Our country is safe for business. Yes, there is crime and there are neighborhoods where the bad guys seem to have free rein but even in those cases another level of security can be called upon – the National Guard. If the National Guard needs assistance we even have the extraordinary ability to bring in the big guns … the US Military – of course there would be constitutional issues but if the National Guard got overrun, I’m sure those constitution issues would resolve themselves quite speedily.

Internationally, forget about it. no one messes with the US without losing a digit, if you know what I mean. We invest in our national Security at levels 5 or more times the combined totals of the next 10 countries – even considering that some of these countries have higher labor and material costs than our own. We even check these countries to make sure they are not doing anything abroad that can damage our US economy and when we find out they are … we are prepared to kick-some-tail! Every US business can be assured that we-the-people have their backs when it comes to International Security.

As a country, we have financed a way to ensure our food and water is safe as well as protections to promote worker safety, vehicle safety and product safety. The good news is that these protections are baked into the cake for capitalists. In other words, we are not necessarily required to hire our own food-taster because we have developed a public system to do some of that for us. As a result, we can focus on our core-mission which is to create and sustain viable, profitable, and high-quality businesses that capture market-share from competitors in the US and internationally If you operate a business in the US, you are protected by the best Security and Safety systems in the world.

Education for the masses. Free education from K-12 is an awesome benefit for individual capitalists. Imagine the cost to business if we had to raise every one of our workers from kindergarten to high-school graduation. What an expensive investment for any single company to make. Even then, you have no certainty your investment in that individual will even pay off as that person decides to study under-water basket weaving versus a career in the S.T.E.M. fields – which you were investing in. Instead, we have financed a system where everyone pays for public education. Therefore we have a consistent flow of educated young people that we can groom into our future workforce. In addition, some kids can attend private schools that may have even more focused education or skill outcomes. The good news is that businesses pay no more or no less for the public and private schools because the individual families pay for private schools – yet we as business people have equal access to all of the kids that come through the private and public education systems without paying a special fee. This is critical because the best way to destroy business is to stop producing talented workers. The US has some of the best educated young people in the world. We have an abundant supply of future workers and business people can also play a role in ensuring the education system can produce the right kind of workers for the jobs of the future.

Skilled Workers and Professionals: We are fortunate enough to have a public and private education system that educates each and every citizen. However to be the most dynamic country on the planet, we need more workers with even greater skills. This is why we have great Trade Schools and Occupation Study programs that can produce adults capable of perform the current tasks required in our economy but can position themselves for jobs that have not even been invented yet. We still need plumbers, truck drivers and secretaries so there is no such thing as a bad job but who would have thought the alternative energy industry would reinvigorate the jobs for roofers, pipe-fitters and electricians. Now we have biologist, botanists and anthropologists studying structural mechanical and engineers as we meld the study of allied science and chemical engineering with living, breathing materials to uncover the secrets to the NEXT big thing. Airplanes only look like a still picture of a bird; maybe by merging the two science-based principles we can finally get a plane where the surface has operable “feathers” for greater lift and propulsion with less energy or effort.

Our colleges and trade schools are producing amazing graduates that are the envy of the world. The reseasch taking place at these institutions is cahnging the world and creating new products, new demand and new opportunities for our business communty to take advantage of. Because of the diversity of opportunity in America, we are creating specialist in every profession. Like fine-tuning a race car, we have people that know every segment of every challenge and they are right here for you to access. This is amazing and gives every business person a reason to want to be right here in this country. Therefore, we are creating the broadest base of Professionals and Specialists in the world.

Not only do we have access to talented individuals, our internship/externship programs are opportunities to introduce these professional to the business world earlier than ever before. Young people now have the opportunity to study the past yet see the future and spend their early years trying to develop solutions to problems that us old guys and gals have struggled with for years. If they are exposed early and can see the challenge with their new eyes, they may have the solution years before we can. The concept of growing into your body is operable here because in some case, although they may be too young or too inexperienced to know exactly how to fix the problem, they at least can see the problem clearly and do not have the challenge of history to stop them from developing a new solution. They will grow into our future problem solvers. Access to a skilled and profssional workforce makes this country an exceptional value to any capitalist wanting to set-up shop.

Constitutional Rights, Justice for all: No other country places as high a value on we-the-people. We have unalienable rights and we have financed a system to fight to make sure every one of those rights is protected. No one is above the law and our system of check-and-balances may look like sausage being made but it works. When it does not work, we fight to fix it. We have a justice system that is constantly going through continuous process improvement because we the citizens are part of the system and demand that it work for all of us. From civil to criminal, our system is designed to promote fairness and freedom. The investments we make to finance our system of justice are significant and are not profit-motivated. In this case, we want to get it right more than we want to get it cheap because peoples lives are at stake. Our due process system ensures all of our citizens and all of our businesses have the opportunity to know exactly what the right things are and if they have done the right things, to be protected from inappropriate prosecution or persecution. America is the best country on the world to create, maintain and grow a business.

Bankruptcy Protection: What can I say but wow! If a Martian landed and studied our Civil Code he, (or she since martians would be quite progressive in their hiring practices), might say: Wow! They actually have enshrined the right to bankruptcy into their constitution and bill of rights”! Businesses and individuals in the US are encouraged to get out there and take some risk. Start a business, follow through on an idea, invest in your future. Although we promote excellence and we want everyone to be successful, in American a business failure does not result in the penalty of debtors prison. Your children will not be doomed to the servitude of the person holding your debt. This concept is amazing because it clearly says: “Risk is part of American Capitalism so go ahead and take the leap.” Now before i get too giddy let me say it must suck for the person that gave you the credit and is now getting hosed because your idea failed and you’re broke. All that guys gets is the opportunity to write-off the fact that he got screwed for taking the same risk you took. Unfortunately, risk does go both ways and we have chosen to promote both levels of risk because the reward of the entrepreneur can deliver higher results for the country. If people realize that failure is not the end, they will reach higher and farther. This is a country that rewards the risk takers so it is a great place to start, maintain and grow your business.

Flexible Tax Code: As previously stated, i am not a fan of the multitude of tax shelters, credits, deductions, etc. I believe the plethora of tax shelters serves to complicate the system and potentially corrupt the decision making of our elected leaders. How can you avoid the obvious conflicts created when someone can get a specific benefit through legislative action not possible to achieve by others? However, it is this exact system that allows for new opportunities for capitalists to thrive in America. I will not bother to list the wide variety of possible tax credits but believe me, if you can invent an idea, get a patent and then enshrine a taxable write-off for people buying you product – you’ve gotta love our flexible tax code. If you have specific circumstances unique to you and you can navigate a way to a special tax status, bully for you because you have won the lottery. My point here is that in America, legislation is for sale and you can support the right person that will support your specific issues, you may be able to reap tremendous rewards. This concept seems to work most often because even when a new person develops a different solution, one that may even compete with yours, more often than not, both tax credits remain. Not always but very often this is the case. Therefore, our flexible tax code can give you opportunities when you are profitable, with specific write-offs for investments and losses (carried interest for example) and our system can give you opportunities when you lose money. You can pay yourself as an employee or take no salary and pay yourself only through dividend disbursements – whichever is most favorable. Our flexible tax systems gives entrepreneurs access to a number of strategies that can be tailored to maximize their business opportunities. Although there are always people trying to close the loopholes – like a balloon, push one side in and the other side bulges out – we capitalists will always find a way to work the system because the system is set up to allow for us to take advantage of it. As long as we are ethical, we normally can find a way to get the most benefit while we try to make a dollar out of .15 (fifteen cents). This is a great country for business people and our flexible tax code is a big part of the reason.

Massive Demand: America is the largest consumer of frigging everything in the world! If you want to find a market for your goods or services, you have to be in our marketplace. Internationally there are many favorable markets but nothing like the USA. This is why everyone wants to trade with us. If we are attracting trade and our citizens are buying everything in sight, how could you want to do business anywhere else? Our system of 50 independent states also represents opportunity because the demand is diverse state-by-state. There probably are not a lot of customers in Idaho for grits but you know there is a market for grits in Louisiana. Yet the core material that makes up grits is still corn based so if you’re a corn guy, you can tailor your products to the specific needs of our citizens and still sell from the same stock of product. They still need corn in Idaho. Pretty neat?

No other country creates more new demand each day than America. Sometimes you are just trying to satisfy needs for a specific commodity; other times you are developing a unique solution to a problem no one knew existed. Either way the demand requirements of our country are MASSIVE and American Capitalists have the job of developing sufficient supply to satisfy that demand. Profits come from the marriage of satisfying demand with the properly priced supply and the optimum supply-chain.

Think about it this way, before a scientist can develop a cure for a disease, he or she must first design the theory, find a way to isolate the “whatever”, develop a way to test the theory, and then develop a way to prove the results. The process of isolating may require a new software application. The testing procedure may require a new piece of equipment. The research may require new brainpower or new staff. Keep in mind that if the research proves fruitful, many more demands will be brought forward in order to actually manufacturer and sell the solution. All of this results in demand that must be satisfied by some bright and well positioned capitalist. This is how jobs are created in our country and we do a better job converting demand into supply than most other countries.

Stable Currency; Yes some want the gold standard otherwise they believe the paper is not worth the paper it is printed on. I do not have strong feelings either way but gold was at $150 per ounce 30 years ago and has appreciated to $1,800 in 2012. These are huge increases but just to be clear, heaven forbid if the $1,800 price falters. Our currency is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay you for it. Inflation, deflation, stagnation, although you can’t eat paper money, you can’t eat gold either, so until you can prove to me that it has our dollar has no value to me, I am going to support it. It is true that other currencies have greater value from time-to-time but the truth is, US dollars still dominate the world’s economy and are the currency of trade domestically and internationally. No one is talking about the death of the dollar like they are discussing the challenges of the Euro. The stability of our currency allows for long-term investments in the US system of capital and capital formation. Everyone is planning their economic futures based in some way on the believe that the currency will be stable. This keeps economic activity thriving in our country

So there you have it. This is still the best country in the world to have your business. In spite of tax-rates, regulation, an apathetic voting public at times, international conflict and the threat of technology on the unprepared, we are well positioned to succeed. We are never satisfied with the status-quo. We are sharks and we never stop swimming. We adapt to challenges and adjust our tactics as the situation requires. We make mistakes because we believe in risk and we adjust for the risk. We are reward driven and we believe there is always a better way. We visit dinosaur artifacts and wonder how they were so stupid to waste all of that size because they could not figure a way to buy a nice warm sweater vest and find an underground food source. I’m just fooling about the dino’s but i do thank them for their sacrifice. Without their oil we may have joined them in extinction.

The real point is the dino’s did not find a way to adapt and they lost that round. We must understand that what we have is not going to be what we need in the future. We will create new demands on ourselves and as long as we are capable of adapting, growing new wings and heroically challenging the status-quo, we’re going to make it.

There is no better country to start, manage, maintain and expand your business that the United States of America as long as we focus on we-the-people and what is best for all of us. Success has many mothers and fathers. We succeed together because “none of us is as good as all of us”. This is not a socialist anthem, it has always been true of America – we-the-people. I will gladly give a tax cut to anyone that shares this philosophy and creates the jobs first.

Any takers? Well as an employer, I will accept that challenge. Net new job creation first, tax cuts as the reward second.

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One Response to We can create US jobs right now.

  1. J. Palmer says:

    Great points–but you wore me out with the length. My feeble mind can only handle so much at once!

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