Which Presidential Candidate Will Create More U.S. Jobs

Which candidate will create more U.S. jobs? Neither can specifically claim  any factual proof they can specifically and directly create more new jobs.  Why?  President’s advocate policies but do not have a vote, only a veto.  Congress passes bills that become laws.  Congress then appropriates dollars to fund the bills.  Appropriopiated laws create demand for specific activity covered by the bill.  The demand drives opportunity for the public and private sector.  Satisfying the demand can equate to the creation of jobs.  Government action and activity is a major catalyst for US job creation.  President’s can create the policy framework to lobby Congress to pass the right bills.

I apologize for suggesting that laws and bills are what drives economic activity however it is true.  Do your own research and you will find almost every job in America has a US law as its impetus. Follow the laws and you can follow the money.

It is entirely true the private sector  can also create demand absent any government intervention, support or catalyzation.  However research shows that job activity tied togovernment impetus represents the vast majority of all jobs created in the US.  Here is the proof: the u..s. government is the single largest purchaser of goods and services in the world.  100% our what the Pentagon, Health and Human Services, National Security Administration, Homeland Security, Food Safety, Commerce and Trade, Treasury, Patent and Trade Office, Criminsl/Civil Justice System, States, Counties, Cities and all the other components of what “we-the-people have elected to be our government will purchase or cause to be purchased is defined as demand.   Demand that leads to commerce.  Comnerce that leads to profitable private-sector ventures and opportunity. Opportunity that leads to job creation.

You can hate government.  You can want much smaller government.  What you cannot deny is that our government creates the demand that drives over 75% of our economy.  Take a little survey in your town or city.  Write down the 10 largest employers in your city.  Remove any firm that receives any revenue from a government or public-sector demand or requirement.  Now ask yourself does government have an outsized role in jobs creation or not?

I am not advocating for government nor am I taking a position whether my assertions are good or bad.  I am only shining a light on the obvious.

Government creates the most demand which can lead to public-sector job creation.  Government does create millions of public-sector jobs from District Attorneys, to scientists at the National Institutes of Health, to our brave men and women in our US military -the best volunteer fighting force in the world.  The government directly created each and every one of these important jobs.  The demands made by the government also creates the need for a private-sector employer to build an aircraft carrier, operate an internationsl port authority and build our freeway system.  These important jobs are a result of the excellent work of these dynamic private companies, yet it is clear there is no private sector demand for a coast-to-coast freeway system, dam or an aircraft carrier.  This demand is exclusively created by the public-sector … we-the-people.

I emphatically make these statements because i get tired of the lie that somehow government does not create jobs.  The truth is government and the private-sector create jobs in unison and the relationship is important and symbiotic.  

Back to the question, which candidate can create the most jobs?  

I say a candidate can propose policy that can create more demand, which as I have said, will  create more jobs. OK, which candidate can create more demand?  

1. A candidate that promotes investment in Research & Development will create more demand.
2. A candidate that encourages access to capital at the main-street level where businesses are looking to improve and expand their products or services will create demand.
3. A candidate that creates a smart and effective regulatory environment which promotes “ministerial rule-making” over “discretionary rule-making”” can create some level of consistency, certainty and increased activity which can lead to more jobs.
4.  A candidate that creates rewards through policies that promote job creation in the U.S. over job creation outside the U.S. will create job demand in this country.  
5. A candidate that invests in education focused on high-performance in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Colaboration – with a strong Vocational and Trade School component – will create demand and a strong workforce of the future.  
6. A candidate that places the security and safety of all US citizens as their top priority and knows how to build effective  international allies can create a stable climate for job creation.
7. A candidate that understands that in life, balance is always the most effective form of conflict resolution whether fiscal or social balance.
8. A candidate that never jeapordizes the good faith-and-credit of the nation by implying we will not pay for our past commitments can create stability and certainty. This candidate must also understand that all spending must be paid for – no off-balance-sheet financing that creates long-term debt and new unfunded liabilties.
9. A candidate that celebrates everything Americans are doing well and has specific solutions to improve where we are deficient – yet is always positive about what lies ahead for America -the greatest nation on the planet can create an environment that attracts innovators.  
10. Lastly, a candidate with solid convictions in everything they do -whether from 10 years ago to 2 weeks ago.  A person you have to be able to trust and believe what they are saying is what they believe in their soul and will spend each waking day actually attempting to do. This person can lead others to share in their vision enough that the others will proactively come on board and implement the vision -risks or no risks.

On a scale of 1-10, which candidate  receives your highest rating?  That candidate will be the person most capable of developing a policy agenda that will drive Congress to pass bills which create demand while at the same time creating an environment for the private-sector to create their own demand as they satisfy the demands created by both the public and private sector.

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2 Responses to Which Presidential Candidate Will Create More U.S. Jobs

  1. General Rad says:

    Keep reminding people how important each persons vote is. Too many have sacrificed for us to have the right to vote. We must honor their sacrifice by experiencing a little inconvienence, taking time to hear both sides of the issues, and then casting our vote.

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