Rating the Political Conventions, their rhetoric and their impact on our economy

In a few weeks, I intend to measure the potential impact these candidates may have on our economy based on the specific platforms coming out of their Conventions. Don’t be fooled or lulled into thinking Conventions are simply displays of the largest collection of “Kool-Aid” drinkers in the world. Over the past 50 years, the legislative activities of the first 120 days of an Administration can be directly tied to a convention platform. Why do you think the language of any bill numbered HR1-10 is completed within the first week of a new administration and brought through the House so quickly? The premise and language is developed before, during and at the Convention. The game plan is hatched and the implementation teams are assembled. Conventions matter so pay close attention.

Convention platform also will have impacts n the business climate and the economic vitality of the marketplace.

After the Conventions end, I will have 10 specific questions I will be looking for answers to:

1. What are your top 5 measurable priorities and what specific process will you use to implement them, ( legislation, executive order, judicial action, bully-pulpit, constitutional action)?
2. Identify 5 positive and good things about America and what specific plan you have to improve on those 5 specific positives?
3. Who are the members of your cabinet and why were they specifically selected?
4. Define your definition of balance and compromise from a legislative standpoint?
5. Can the government create jobs and/or demand? If so, is it positive or negative that the government can create demand for good and services?
6. Explain when you will balance the budget, in what in what year will you achieve GDP growth of 4% and unemployment at 5%?
7. What 5 specific regulations would you change and what would you replace them with, if any?
8. Is a fee basically the functional/practical equivalent of a tax and when are they appropriate?
9. Name 5 things you said you would do over the past 3 years that you did not do and why you were unable to accomplish them?
10. Will you pledge to spend 10 hours per month supporting the winner by sharing your specific ideas as well as taking the responsibility for rallying your party to help the winner of this election for the good of “we-the-people”?

Question #10 is very important to our country. If these candidates will make pledges to campaign donors, lobbyists, and unions, they sure as hell can make a pledge to “we-the-people”! Think about it: 46-54% of voters are willing to hand one of these candidates keys to America for the next 4 years based on the perceived strength and wisdom of their plans and ideas. If this is true, why would we let the loser sneak-away with their great plans still in their briefcase?? When Former Governor John Huntsman -R-Utah- became the US Ambassador to China in a Democratic Administration, John Huntsman showed all of us how a real American sets his/her politics aside to do what is good and right for the country. I say it is the truly American thing to do after this election for the campaign loser to agree to work with the winner for the good of the country. They can fight again the next election but for the first 2 years, the loser needs to stop taking their marbles home just because they lost. No more sore election losers!

I ask each of you to demand an answer to Question #10 before you give your vote to anyone running for elected office. Your vote is the single most valuable asset any American has in a democracy so make these candidates earn it.

I intend to look past the Political Super-Bowl of Marketing and Mass Appeal -multi-media campaign messaging – all over the airwaves. As a matter of fact, I will not listen to another political commercial from today forward. I intend to measure the candidates by their “HISTORICAL INERTIA” once the conventions are over. Historical Inertia is the action you will take tomorrow based on what you did yesterday. These candidates can say anything over the next 70 days but nothing is as true as what they actually DID in their past. It’s like interviewing a candidate for a job. You want experience. Why? Because it shows you what you may reasonably expect from a person once they are actually hired. Candidates should be measured by the same measuring stick.

For those of you that read the bible, you are familiar with the passage: ” … a man shall be measured {judged} by his deeds not his words”. Ignore the words you will be bombarded with after these conventions because you are simply being messaged to and it’s all marketing. Ignore the ads -you’re not buying a soda, you’re electing the leader of the free-world!.

The Convention Platform is what a candidate has committed to doing once elected. Their Historical Inertia is what their experiences will drive them to do. Get your 10 questions answered. Measure those two realities and your questions and you will have everything you need to get your specific answers.

Please let me know if I missed any questions you think we should have answered by these candidates.

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