The Medicare Lie Continues

The Medicare lie continued in Tampa. I just finished watching Paul Ryan at the Convention and I remain in awe of the stupidity of a smart man telling a huge lie to so many good Americans. By repealing Obamacare and implementing the Ryan budget plan, Paul Ryan’s plan immediately cuts Medicare benefits for current seniors and then breaks the promise of medical care for future seniors – a promise previously made to all Americans.

Do not believe the ever-changing Ryan budget plans for what his budget plan is today, was yesterday or will be tomorrow. It appears the plan will keep changing as the details are brought to light, however, you need to go to his plan from 12 months ago to see what he truly believes. Nothing about his last 2 budgets tells me his first and overriding priority is to keep the original promise of a defined-benefit Medicare plan for all Americans as they become seniors. That fact is indisputable, in order to cut spending he gets so much of his savings from cutting Medicare benefits; not just Medicare costs – he cuts Medicare benefits. Paul Ryan intentionally breaks a fundamental promise to us all. Ryan breaks a promise to his mother, grandmother as well as future mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

The promise he breaks is this: Effective the day his budget passes, America will no longer guarantee 100% healthcare coverage for Americans once they reach 65 -the time they most need increased healthcare. Private insurers will then need to invent a new insurance product for seniors -a product that does not exist at any reasonable cost for 99.9% of seniors. As a private market guy myself I clearly see the benefit to the insurance industry yet as a person with 4 years on the board of directors at one of the largest insurance companies in the state of California, I assure you private-sector Medicare insurance will cost more than any other insurance product in history. It is a terrible and very naive theory. The government will be creating a new entitlement for private insurers by giving them a new private subsidy which does not and will not cover the actual cost of elder medical healthcare insurance. All new seniors that go into the private plans will be 100% responsible for the cost of the new subsidized private insurance product above and beyond the subsidy. Bad plan. Expensive plan.

He can call his plan Medicare reform, partial Medicare for some, vouchers for others but he can not ever say he is protecting the promise made to all Americans. The promise that our nation will take care of its seniors. Paul Ryan’s plan – not the Affordable Care Act – will end Medicare and cut current benefits for current seniors. To say otherwise is a lie.

Republican voters deserve the truth and should be treated fairly. When a person that claims conservative budget credentials tell voters about his budget plan, he needs to be honest and accurate. His budget should actually achieve two things, balance and balance – his does not. By lying and not leveling with Republican, Independent , Democratic and Undecided voters, Ryan continues to be part of the problem and not the solution.

Only in a fantasy land does cutting Medicare spending costs by not paying more for something than you should , equal robbing Medicare. Cutting costs used to be a good fiscal idea especially if you then used the savings to actually add more benefits to Medicare for CURRENT seniors. Go read the Affordable Care Act and you can see the words for yourself. Paul Ryan knows the $716 billion in savings generated in the Affordable Care Act made sense because he also used every-single-friggin-dollar of savings in his now famous budget. Let me say it again, Paul Ryan wrote a budget, the House passed his budget and his budget uses the savings from Obamacare to help fund his budget. Until a month ago, he accepted those cuts as valid and for him to say otherwise tonight to all of the loyal Republican delegates is simply a lie to all of them and does not serve them well.

He also said Obamacare was an affront to all Americans even though Governor Romney passed the same supposed affront in the State of Massachusetts . What good does it do to lie to all of those delegates in the hall just to elicit an applause line. There is no way Governor Romney believes his own health care plan was an affront. I have heard Romney directly state he believe his healthcare plan was good for people, helped them experience higher levels of care and genuinely helped people. When Ryan lies about the impact of affordable healthcare for all, he hurts real American voters.

One more note, if I were Ryan, I would have left the mention of the General Motors plant out of the speech. For goodness sake, all Ryan did was remind the delegates how the nominee wanted to let GM go bankrupt -thus closing a lot of factories in Wisconsin and everywhere else. Besides, the darn plant actually closed BEFORE the current president (Obama) actually took office. It actually closed before in 2008 due to challenges created by the economic conditions of 2000-2008 – a period of almost no net job creation in America. A period of federal budgets that did not balance and a budget with massive debt. A period of stagnant wages and minimal national economic development. A period of job creation outside the United States. Paul Ryan was there the entire time, taking a paycheck and watching that very GM plant close right in front of his face. There is no way Paul Ryan can lay blame for that at the feet of the current President. Instead of blaming a man that was not even President for a factory closing n your hometown, shouldn’t Paul Ryan be asking himself what he could have been doing to help keep that plant open? Paul Ryan was their representative to the US House. Paul failed his constituents. Paul, please stop lying to good people. One day they are going to do their own research and get very mad at you for intentionally misleading them.

I am a pure private-sector capitalist and fiscal conservative. I agree that we need to reduce debt and unnecessary spending. I believe in the concept of working to achieve the kind of consensus seen in the Simpson-Bowles commission. I believe the debt commission failed and kicked-the-can to December 2012. Congressman Ryan infuriates me because he voted for every unbalanced budget during 2000-2008. He approved every dollar of debt creation during that time. He approved TARP and the GM bailout. He approved two wars without putting their costs in the budget for 7 years. He approved not putting the cost of the 2005 Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit into the budget and even approved not allowing Medicare to use it’s buying power to negotiate any prescription drug discounts. He voted against Simpson-Bowles. He has spent his entire adult professional life on the government teet because he has received his income by being a government employee. Paul Ryan is the very dependent government employee he constantly rails against. Wow! Paul Ryan gives true fiscal conservatives a bad name.

I must admit, as the House budget hawk, he did find a way to achieve 8 solid years of deficit spending, massive debt accumulation, wasted surpluses and basic fiscal malpractice with a confident tone and a beaming smile. Wow!

I am so mad because I really want to see the parties give us a real debate about options and opportunities to help America achieve fiscal balance. We need serious dialogue. We need an open and honest debate that contains verifiable details that we can fact-check and place on a ledger for all to see. Bring back Ross Perot so he can show these folks how to use the whiteboard and make it clear. If Paul Ryan is gong to lie about the facts while he still touts his budget-hawk history, we need to get another person to represent conservatives.

The Medicare lies continued tonight as Paul Ryan entered fantasy-land in order to get an applause line. Fiscal conservatives deserve better from the party.

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