Crazy Talk Takes Over The Cycle

My parents are retired and pay no federal income tax because they have limited-fxed income. They worked hard for our country with both serving our nation. One of my employees was deployed in the Middle East risking his life for our country. During his deployment he paid no federal income taxes and received a subsidized VHA loan when he returned and bought his first home. In some states, people earning under $20k per year pay Federal Medicare and Social Security taxes, however they pay no federal income tax. Poor people in Appalachia and Mississippi receive food stamps, as do a large number of poor Americans of all races in every single state including Calfornia, Texas and Wyoming. All are good and proud Americans. None think they are victims.

Regardless of party affiliation, anyone wanting to lead a nation of 300 million very diverse Americans in a variety of individual life circumstances needs to avoid disparaging other Americans. 4 years ago, candidate Obama made comments at a fundraiser saying people in Pennsylvania cling to their religion and their guns. There were many in that state that felt slighted and punished the candidate with their vote. Words have consequences.

I get tired of the attempt to tie the fact that a person’s circumstance related to the rate of taxes they pay or do not pay or their political party affiliation determines whether they are a good or bad American. We are all good Americans and we all want a better life for ourselves and our families. I still have not personally met a person that was injured while working and is now a paraplegic on lifelong disability claiming to be happy that they now depend on the public to help them. They would trade their disability for health, a job , and the ability to pay federal income taxes any day.

If Gov. Romney truly believes that his voters do not believe in personal responsibility, rely on government, and believe their food and healthcare are entitlements , he has a real challenge ahead of him. Of the 47% of Americans that do not pay federal income taxes, many, many of them are on Medicare, served in the military and receive Veterans benefits, and receive student loan assistance. A great number of them are not only Democrats, they are also Republicans. It seems very short-sighted for the Governor to tell his own voters that he believes they are …. well that he believes they are less than something positive for the country and his campaign does not need them nor need their vote. Many of them thought he already had their vote. Words have consequences.

Here is where I am lost. There is so much material to work with as it relates to the challenges and failures of the Obama administration. There is an abundance of economic data working in favor of a strong challenger. A challenger in 2012 could easily be ahead of the incumbent by double-digits. However, with some of the challengers, I feel like I am watching a bad subtitled political movie in 1920’s black-and-white. I’m still not sure what the plot is or how the film ends but I’m beginning to consider walking out of the theatre.

There are Democrats willing to listen to the right Republican challenger. There are Republicans out of work who are looking for a leader that will reverse their circumstances. There are “declined-to-state” voters that are open-minded and looking for Mr. Goodbar. They want someone to vote for. However, any challenger will first have to produce more yes voters for the challenger not attempt to create more no voters for the incumbent. I don’t know about you, but I am not going to waste my time voting against someone. My vote is gong for the person I am committed to voting FOR.

Therefore the challenger’s job is to “win new friends and influence new people” not create distance among strangers as well as his friends. Disparaging a huge percentage of working class Republican’s, declined-to-state voters, and working class Democrats seems like Crazy Talk to me.

As you know, I do not have a party affiliation and tonight reminds me why. Parties act too much like fraternities to me – not that frats are bad – they just focus on excluding lots of people in favor of including just a few. I will never toss one group of Americans out because it fits a party dogma. Americans are not the party, the American people are we-the-people and deserve to be respected as individuals. Lumping them by party and then taking a shot at them does not build respect for either party.

Today’s revelation of statements made by the Gov about poor people or Americans receiving public benefits somehow belonging to a single party is Crazy Talk and disrespects those Republican voters that thought they made up the grass-roots of the Republican Party – because there are a huge number of Republican party members on welfare, Medicare, food stamps, unemployment, farm subsidies, and every conceivable level of public assistance. Why? Because they NEED assistance not because they WANT assistance. I do not believe for one minute that these Americans do not believe in personal responsibility nor do I believe they are lazy or somehow less valuable Americans.

I for one am looking for elected representatives to represent all Americans and play their appropiate small role in helping to unleash the potential of our great nation. With 50 days to go in this election cycle, time is running out for candidates to win my YES vote. If you want to get elected, get focused and stop pandering with sappy phrases and simple-minded solutions. Drop the party dogma and talking points and let’s hear what you really believe … without notes. Get friggin specific and stand-up for we-the-people, dammit! Stand up for all of us, not just some of us.

Oh, by the way, less Crazy Talk would be nice.

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One Response to Crazy Talk Takes Over The Cycle

  1. btg5885 says:

    I would relish less crazy talk and issues oriented discussion. We need healthy bipartisan discussion. Unfortunately it won’t happen. The President has a better story to tell than is given credit for, but is far from perfect. Romney has done some good things in his career, but has to hide from them and pander to a strident right. Plus, he has a very hard time conveying an understanding of the average American and it painfully shows. I had noted early on in the GOP primaries, it was one of the weakest slate of candidates. I liked Hunstman of the cholces (yet he was not a strong choice), but there were many we all had to steer clear of as they were a combination of uninformed to harmful. The better ones decided not to run. What is interesting to me is how statesman-like John McCain has been over the last few months, yet he is one of the god-forsaken moderates according to the strident right. So, Obama needs to win as he is the much better choice of the two and his platform is less scary than the “take the country back” crowd’s which is built on some false pretenses in my mind. Good post. Best regards, BTG

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