Who Moved Your Cheese?

Someone moved our cheese, as the book says. America is not accustomed to weak performance. We need to remind ourselves that our ultimate journey may never be complete yet we make the trip anyway because it is our destiny to achieve great things.

America, we are far past the halfway mark in our journey to leave this world better than we found it and we must continue to do an even better job in the future if we are going to see that our nation will ” get there” after we are gone.

As we go into 2013, we can ill-afford to continue with these 20 incompatible outcomes:

1. Fewer Business Start-Ups
2. Lower Tax Rates without a Treasury Surplus
3. Lower incomes for 98% of American consumers
4. Rising retail energy costs to match global prices yet consistently fleece U.S.consumers
5. Roadblocks to accessing capital and financing for small businesses
6. Fewer Business loans being made to Micro-Businesses
7. Rewards for capital/dividend/investment yet fewer rewards for labor-based income
8. Reduced investments in vital infrastructure that can improve America for all
9. Stagnant employment in 25 of 50 states
10. Reduced investments in science, technology, arts, and innovation
11. Defunding of equal education for all including K-12, college and trade schools
12. Regulations that do not work for their stated purposes
13. Health outcomes below competitor nations
14. Off-shoring that creates a hollowing of our US manufacturing bases
15. Increasing violent-crime rates in dense population centers
16. Shrinking Vocational Training programs
17. Excessive backlog of patent approvals
18. Voter turnout skewing governing outcomes
19. Stripping of vital regional/national assets for one-time gain
20. Elimination of Customer Service and Consumer Experience, and Relationship Building as a profit-center for far too many enterprises.

What I will say is this: we simply can not afford to continue with any policies that have promoted, championed, or enabled these 20 outcomes. We must do better as a people and surround ourselves with like-minded citizens willing to work together to purse national excellence.

“Community Above Self” is a phrase used by a friend and legendary business leader in San Diego. Though a derivative of Rotary’s “Service Above Self” mantra, Malin is onto something very important which is we are exponentially better when we come together as a community to do great things. As a nation, we will have achieved a great thing if we can reverse these 20 outcomes by working together.

A. The first thing we do is identify the challenge ; the REVERSAL of these 20 outcomes is a great start.
B. The next thing we do is identify or write the policies that can achieve the goal.
C. What follows is the identification of the individual’s that can help drive the outcomes.
D. Then we vote.
E. Then we ferociously manage the implementation.

You can individually ensure America has a plan to reverse these 20 outcomes by voting in your own-self interest – which you will find is in same interest as “we-the-people” – this November. You have to vote.

Otherwise, you’re going to see even more of your cheese moved.

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