Dude, Where’s My Talking Point?

Dude, where is my talking point? I look here … I looked there but it appears I may have lost my talking point – have you seen it?

For the last 12 months, the current administration has been pilloried for its job creation performance. No president in any country could be fully satisfied with the 1.5% GDP rate, +8% unemployment, or 0 net-net job creation numbers of early 2012. It is also true that no President since the Great Depression walked into office with GDP at a negative 6% , spiking unemployment and job losses averaging 700,000 per month. How does a country deal with those terrible numbers?

What was even more daunting was how consistent and devastatingly effective the talking points of the Presidential challenger would become during this “referendum-based” election cycle:
1. The President promised unemployment under 8%
2. Unemployment at over 8% for 40 straight months
3. He broke his promise
4. No net new jobs since he has been President
5. Employers will not hire under this President
6. His policies cannot create “one-new” job
7. Only I can create jobs in the American economy

Although one month is only a snapshot, today Gov. Romney, Paul Ryan and an entire party lost their most effective talking points.
1. Unemployment rate fell to 7.9% in August and 7.8% in September
2. July and August net jobs number revised upwards. 146k in August not 96k
3. September net employment is +114k
4. More people entered the job market in September than in any month in the last 25 years
5. Private sector job growth increased
6. Public sector job growth increased slightly
7. 350,000 net, net new jobs have been created over the past 43 months.

I personally thought the challenger should never have made his +8% unemployment talking points the center of his attack on the President because those attacks had a floor. Once the country bought into the fact that things were bad, they could only then get better. Once the trends changed from bad to worse and became bad to better, the attacks would then backfire. Today, the President got a well publicized change in trend that destroys the ability for the challenger to effectively use the old talking points.

There is nothing worse in politics than losing a talking point so close to the end of a campaign because now you have 30 days to make a new talking point stick. Tough job indeed.

I would like to see stronger job growth and GDP growth as well and I would like to be part of solving that problem. One thing I can simplistically understand is this, 4.9 million jobs were created in our country since February 2009 while 4.550 million were lost. That leaves a net job creation number of 350,000 which is better than a net loss of over 1.5 million jobs under the 8 years of the last President. My business model relies on my customers hiring people (as does the business model of millions of other business owners). We are all very pleased to see all of the jobs lost over the past 43 months replaced and 350,000 net new jobs being created. Every new job created from October 2012 to January 2013 is a net new job which will create more opportunity for business growth in our country. Good news indeed.

Today, we should all be celebrating the fact that Americans are getting jobs – more of them today than yesterday. Since the July and August numbers were revised upwards as well, this trend for the last 3 months is better not worse. Let’s keep it rolling!

Had the numbers for the last year been trending towards even more negative job reports and even greater unemployment, this President would be criticized for doing a bad job for all business people and the country and would suffer a great consequence. Any President trending towards positive net new jobs created is better for all businesses … period. In business, we reward positive trends with continued support.

Governor Romney is going to need a new line of attack because today he has lost his most effective talking points.

Dude, where’s your new talking point?

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