Picasso’s for Elected Office – Men of Many Faces


Just how many positions can a person have and still be considered principled? It is one thing for a person to evolve their position based on well researched information, or even have a new life experience that changes their perspective. It’s equally understandable for a person to have a position as a young person that evolves as they age. These changes occur over years and it is normally very difficult to find the one element that actually inspired the change; yet when you do find the singular event that can be life-changing, it becomes very clear why a position was changed.

The point is this: principled people do not have flippant changes of deeply-held positions.

What is not acceptable is for a person to go from a strong and firm position in one month and then change to a firm position that is the exact opposite one month later. It may be even more unacceptable for a person to take a firm and confident stance on a position they have held for 5 years in front of one audience and then take a neutral or passive position in front of another audience just to make their previously firm position appear to disappear without actually reversing the position.

It is clear everyone changes their mind from time-2-time for a variety of reasons and sometimes for no discernible reason at all. Frankly, under most circumstances what a person feels or thinks is simply not any of our business; unless that person controls your liberty, is running for a judgeship or is running for an elected office.

Therefore, it really sucks when a person changes or claims to have changed their minds SPECIFICALLY as a strategy to confuse, conflate, obfuscate, and simply pretend to appear as one kind of person (which they are not) to a specific audience. It is simply not fair that “we-the-people” can’t get to the whole-truth regarding what these people really stand for and will actually do AFTER THEY ARE ELECTED.

There is still much work to do over the next 10 days. This election is going to require all Americans to get off the couch and really do their homework.
My advice:

1. Do your research and use multiple sources.
2. Don’t trust one source without challenging the source.
3. Learn the history of the people running for office because you and I both know, real people do not change. At their core everyone has a past and they are bound to repeat their past regardless of what they pretend to say.
4. Believe your gut when you see or hear something that sounds like a lie or purposeful omission.
5. 2-good-2-b-true is actually 2-good-2-b-true
6. Use your common sense.
7. Look out for Bigfoot Riding A Unicorn and kick him to the curb if you see him.

Understand that the folks running for office are your “employees”. You are hiring them and giving them a job with great pay and great benefits. You are paying their salaries. The job comes with immense power to impact your life and the lives of your family and friends. You are not hiring these folks to LEAD YOU, you are hiring these elected folks to do your bidding! You are their boss. Start acting like it.

Also, stop putting words into their mouths. In other words, when a person says something with their own mouth, they actually mean it. Stop trying to interpret what you think they meant, listen to what they actually said and how you felt the first time you heard it. That moment was real and that is exactly what they meant for you to feel. They have not earned the right for you to put your words and interpretations into their mouths. You should not be trying so hard to forgive them for doing and saying what they actually believe at their core. You do not need to be willing your beliefs onto them because they are sure to let you down in the future. As I have said, people do not really change at their core.

Therefore, their ability to tell you the whole-truth and nothing but the truth is a pre-requisite of their consideration for employment.

Yet some seeking elected office are playing “we-the-people” for suckers by pretending to either be people they are not or be people you want them to be … just to get elected.

For goodness sake, don’t give your vote to the person that lies to get it. If avoiding the whole-truth is rewarded by getting elected, you’ll never get the whole-truth from anyone ever again.

What visual would you use to illustrate a person that has changed their positions so completely, so often just to do anything at all to win your vote and get the job?



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One Response to Picasso’s for Elected Office – Men of Many Faces

  1. btg5885 says:

    Great post and sound advice. One of candidates stands for nothing, except maybe being a Mormon. I have never seen anyone so all over the place. Jon Stewart showed footage of him saying how horrible the Obama foreign policy was, the worst of the worst. And, then during the debates agreed with almost everything Obama said. Stewart did this point by point and showed the reversal of position. Obama is far from perfect, but you have a general sense of what he is all about. Thanks, BTG

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