Vincent Mudd is President, CEO of multiple private sector companies as well as an active board member of a variety of public and private organizations.  He has broad corporate experience from a stint at ARCO to his time at Office Pavilion.  He has worked on complicated public-sector issues and had several appointments focusing on improving governments impact on its citizens.

Vincent is an independent thinker with no political affiliation.  His belief is in a non-partisan business community because business must be colorblind, gender neutral, and capable of working with anyone and everyone to do the right thing.

Vincent will take on important issue in a collaborative manner seeking solutions versus  settling scores.  His dialogue style consists of  “conversation-starters” not “conversation-stoppers” so he rarely seeks to demonize -unless it is based in fact.

If you have a question that you would like a business-person’s take on or want to discuss an issue and hear it from a business person’s point of view, please follow me and send me your questions.

We have to operate with the unfiltered truth and I would like to help.


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  1. J. Palmer says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting your take on the following post if you get a chance:
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